Software is a collection of computer programs that provide the instruction to carry out whatever need to be done. Software also refers to one or more computer program and data held in the storage of the computer. Computer software is so called to distinguish it from computer hardware, which encompasses the physical interconnections and devices required to store and execute (or run) the software.

Software falls into 2 main categories:

  • System software - System Software represents programs that allow the hardware to run as it should.
  • Application software – represents programs that allow users to do something besides simply run the hardware

Software solutions can include any of the following:

Retail software is easily accessible at retail stores and includes expensive packaging that attracts shoppers.

OEM software (Original Equipment Manufacturer) referring to software sold in bulk to resellers.

Shareware is software that can be downloaded from the internet and is usually limited unless a license has been bought. The 2 strategies used to get users buying the shareware include ‘nagging’ strategy where a message pops up reminding the user that they need a licence in order to enjoy the full benefit of the software or another tactic is that of the software simply disabling itself and is no longer working. Shareware gives you the opportunity to see how a program works before you buy.

Crippleware is much like shareware with the biggest difference being that the main features will cease to work when the licence has expired.

Demo Software allows the user to use a trial version of certain software to see if they would want to buy the product. There are various formats available for demo software but the commonly used must be where the demo software expired after a set amount of time, for example a week, etc.

  • Adware
  • Spyware
  • Public Domain Software

A few other software programs include the following:

  • BiometricIdentification is used to grant access to certain areas for people using fingerprint or voice recognition. This software is also perfect for access control.
  • CustomerRelationshipManagement – virtually every business deals with customers and customer information at some stage. The goal of CRM is to collect that information in central ordnance, analyze it, and make it available to all departments in an easy to use and manage system.
  • HumanResourceManagement – the main purpose of this software is to achieve 2 main goals that include making use of talents and abilities of employees to achieve company objectives as well as ensuring that individual employees are satisfied in the working environment and the compensation and benefit areas.
  • FinancialSystems determine how transactions are approved.
  • Intranet Development An intranet system can be as basic or as complex as need be and can serve various departments within an organization. Some processes that might be available on an intranet may include; employee training, job applications, company newsletters, chat boards, interactive multimedia training, sales reports, forecasts and goals and marketing strategies.
  • PointofSaleSystems is the software and hardware required to make a point of sale transaction possible. This software usually takes a customer’s information, verifies it, begins money transfers and approves sales.
  • WebsiteDevelopment is a basic description of a broad term that involves the developing of a website for the internet.

Software Categories

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