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Intoweb has, over the years, developed many different software solutions - ranging from Website Development to Intranet Development.

Website Development - Extranets
Websites used to be an aestically looking page where you would write a little bit about your company and then offer the website visitor information about your products and services. Some websites had the ability to also purchase online or register and log in to see some information that the average visitor couldn't see.

This is no longer the case. Website development is no longer just about showing your visitors what it is that you offer - it has become a platform where your users can completely interact with you without having to send e-mails or make calls. Intoweb is calling this development platform an Extranet, rather than a website. Some of the features of the website, or rather Extranet, can include

  • Users
    • Login to a secure "dashboard"
    • Download any information relevant to them
    • View and edit their profile such as banking details, addresses - anything that you want them to do
    • Make online purchases or place online orders
    • Track purchases and orders
    • View purchase or order history, invoices and statements
    • Send queries
  • Administrators
    • Track customer usage
    • Approve new customer requests
    • Notifications when customers change information, places orders or makes a purchase
    • Distribute information to your customers - choose whether to distribute to all or some of them
    • Show specials on the customer dashboard

Of course, this is only a fraction of what can be done when you do extranet development. Whenever development software is modular and customizable, you can do anything you want with it.

And then there is more. The Extranet can run by itself or, all of the above can link into Intoweb's Intranet system. For example, when a user updates their information on the Extranet platform - all the updated details are recorded on the Intranet system. When a user places an order, the order, invoice and sale is registered on the Intranet. Managing your customers has never been this simple.

Intoweb has many different available development modules for Intranet Development, Extranet Development and naturally integration. For more information, please contact us.

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