Office stationery: How to design a brochure for print 

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How to design brochures for print

In order to design brochures for your print company to print, you must make sure you have checked, double checked and check again that the following is correct:

  • Do you advertise your company name and brand you are portraying

  • Have you created a brochure targeting your market. E.g. a nursery school brochure will have child related colours and information, whereas a brochure show-casing technical products, will have specifications, diagrams and product information.

  • Contact details

  • Spelling on the brochures before print 

Types of brochures for print:

  • Single sided
  • Double sided
  • Fold over double
  • Fold-over triple
  • Book format being stapled
  • Book format with binding

What to consider in your brochure:

  • Gloss versus matt paper. Gloss is more expensive but looks more professional
  • Avoid adding prices as these will change
  • Avoid adding dates to a product unless there is a deadline for purchase
  • Have a plan and know what you are trying to achieve with the brochure
  • Is the brochure single-sided, double-sided?
  • Sizes of brochures are printed in whole or parts of the whole of A4, A5.
  • Brochures can be printed in the form of books, flip open folders
  • Paper or Cardboard tp be printed on
  • Background, is it plain or coloured

Starting the process

  • Plan the brochure out on paper or on Word / Libre Office or a similar programme
  • Create headings for all your products being advertised
  • Get to the point using simple wording. Use jargon only where necessary to describe the product. 
  • Make the brochure easy to read, use a simple font and keep the same font throughout
  • What is the most important product which is the niche market and attracts the most audience
  • Have your social media information on your brochure as people often use this as back-up information.
  • Keep simple colours in the background, possible a colour per product to help them stand outdoors
  • Have good quality photos, high definition. If you are going to pay for hte brochures, make sure you are proud of the quality you are producing
  • Even the triple folded brochure will use the size breakdown or the generic sizes.  

How to layout a brochure:

Use headings for easy navigation in a clear and visible place

Give facts, avoid unnecessary words

Making a brochure in trifold:

Create the brochure on paper first, or on a template online

On Word, click on the page layout button and select columns, then three on the drop down menu

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