Printing wedding invitations 

Printing wedding invitations can be pricey, but having a good plan of which invitation you would like can make it value for money. Create your printing template, understand which style you are looking for. Professional printing of wedding invitations can save you heartache, and create a wonderful memory.

Create beautiful wedding invitations by printing a design which reflects your uniqueness and style, a wedding invitation is a long lasting memory and introduces your wedding style to the invitees.

Remember: Coordinate the wedding invitations with the thank-you notes, and the save-the-date cards

Wedding invitations need to be:

  • personal
  • fun
  • creative
  • elegant
  • informational 

Tips for printing wedding invitations

Design and print the invitations early and send out a “save the date”. Wedding invitations need to be sent out at least 3 months before the date as far as possible

Ensure there is a RSVP date in the invitation

What size is your invitation and how does the information you need to add fit into the space provided

Handing out invitaions is cheaper than posting

Add invitations, envelopes and cards into the wedding budget

Metallic ink is more expensiv, but shows more elegance

What to consider when preparing a wedding invitation:

  • Type of cardboard
  • Colour and texture of the invitation
  • Size of the invitation, having an envelope to match the invitations
  • Are the invitations folded or flat
  • What embellishments if any do you want to additional
  • what is the cost you can and are willing to spend on the invitations
  • Remember to include cost of postage and envelopes in the final amount
  • Always have the invitation proof read

Mistakes to avoid when printing invitations

Grammar- be careful of the common grammar errors such as there (over there)/ their (showing ownership) / they’re (they are); presents and presence.

Capital letters are only for proper nouns 

Not adding details time, place and dates

Check the spelling of the names!

Mixing plurals and singulars (accommodation vs accommodations, church's vs churches)

Avoid mixing up phrases eg honour

Avoid spelling out the year, if you do need to spell the year, do not add the word “and”

Write out the places of being married completely, with address. or the guests might attend a different function!! 

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