Printing a training manual

Printed training manuals do not have to be boring, They can be exciting, useful and actually used!

What is the purpose of a training manual

The purpose of a training manual is to ensure consistency or your material, to allow for coming back to the material, to consolidate the material.

How to develop a training manual

  • Clarify the objectives of your material and make a training plan
  • create a list of all the items that need to be in the training guidelines
  • Create an easy to use guide, where different items are indexed and easily referenced
  • Images of what you are trying to train on with clear identification/arrows etc are important


Online training and printed training material complement each other and used together are more effective.


What font size to use for a training manual

Ideal font for training material are Liberation Serif or Calibri as it is easy on the eye, which letters clear to read.

Font size for printing training material depends on the size of manual being printed. Too small or too big means your reader probably wont complete the manual.


For A4 size pages: 

Heading 1 - Size 18

Heading 2 – 14 - 16

Text size – Minimum size 12 

For A5 size pages:

Text font should be a size 14 to not be too small

Heading 1 - 20

Heading 2 – 18


Binding a training manual:

Options for binding a training manual depend on the size, uses and thickness of the page

For fewer pages, using a long arm stapler works well.

For manuals being used in a messy environment, where splashes of oil / paint etc could be splashed, a binding with a plastic covering is best.




Tips for a better training manual:

  • Make it user friendly, you do want people to use the training material after all. Use images, diagrams, colour and bullet points instead of lengthy sentences. 
  • Cartoons in the right circumstance can bring a point across
  • Create space for notes to be made
  • Create various complementary training materials e.g. online training, training manuals, youtube videos
  • Ensure that the core skills are covered
  • Divide the training manual into sections, referenced in the index. Each section being a different understanding of the material.
  • Ask a second person to read through and test the material to see whether it makes sense
  • Do online research for extra information.
  • Do a spot test in between to check whether the reader can understand and apply the material that was created.
  • Request feedback on whether the user / learner understood the content and could apply the content.