Print plastic bags for branding

Needing to brand your plastic bags and packaging, either bulk or custom design branding?

Packaging is part of your coporate branding.?

A custom designed corporate gift bag makes the world of difference as to how people perceive you or your company. Printing plastic bags which are strong and durable means that your brand name is seen every time the plastic bag is re-used.

Custom designed and printed gifts bags are valuable for adding small gifts, or giving them to shoppers to add the items THEY would like to purchase and can be used for:

  • Business or corporate functions
  • Faires (Eduweek, Bridal Shows, Rand Easter Show gift bags..)
  • Conferences
  • Suaree’s
  • Special functions: Stork teas, Baby showers, Kitchen teas
  • Launching a new store or product?

If you are opening up a retail store or having a special function, launching a new product or having a book signing, custom plastic printed gift bags are effective and show your business to be professional.

Printing of paper bags

Eco friendly and beautiful, paper/cardboard bags are seen as special, and often kept either as a keepsake, or as a stylish shopping bag.

Customised printing means that you are able to put your unique printing stamp on a bag, transforming an everyday bag into a valued gift.

How to style a printed gift bag

Gift bags are used as and advertising tool, and is constantly seen. Repetition makes a difference to people remembering your name, your business and your contact details.

Tips on printing corporate or plastic bags

  • Use contrasting colours to make the message on your bag easy to see.
  • Use a font such as “Arial” or “Valdana” which is clear and easy to read
  • Use a large font, less is more
  • Add your logo and brand name
  • Remember your contact details
  • Keep it simple
  • Use good quality bags

For bulk plastic bags and packaging and to print / brand you plastic bags, contact Contact n Supply in Johannesburg

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