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Printing letterheads, important information you need to know

Letterheads are a vital part of your office stationery ensemble, and can be designed in conjunction with envelopes, or as part of the wedding and birthday invitation package. 

Letterheads need to be printed to be used for business letters, bank authorisations, proposals, invoices, official documentation and shows professionalism as the face of the business.

What is the size of a letterhead?

Letterhead size varies, but is generally 

  • A4 and A5
  • Sizing if the letterhead headers and footers are between 3 and 5 cm
Colour options for printing a letterhead: 
  • Colour
  • Pantone
  • 100gsm

What is a letterhead used for?

A letterhead is a business letter, and official document that is needed by the company for formal correspondence nad comunication. 

A letterhead is normally required to start or stop a serve, to give noice of employment or resignation or 39 days notice.

Printing of letterheads is done in bulk, 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000 whcih means you need to have the correct information without spelling or address errors.

A letterhead is an advertising and branding tool, as it has your details and brand information on. 

Letterheads are used for medical prescription pads

What can be included on the letterhead?

  • Company name / Dr's / Practitioner's Name

  • Company address, physical and postal

  • Telephone number or email address

  • Company logo or corporate design

  • Background pattern (optional)

  • Company Registration and VAT numbers

  • Directorship of the company 

  • Key information on the letterhead should be positioned obviously and accessibly. Less important information can be smaller and less prominent.

  •  Medical practice numbers

Headers and footers on the printed letterhead

A head is additional information at the beginning of a block of data or at the top of a page, a footer is at the bottom of the page. Usually containing the page number, date and time the document was created, document name, author name, a graphic, a draft or revision number. 

Using colour when printing a letterhead

Colour is expensive to to print en mass. If you still want colour, then have a colour scheme or add it in the logo. Use your colour sparingly.

Adding foil to the logo will also cost more per page, but is very effective in getting attention. Banks tend to use their brand colours on comapny documetns and letterheads, but in general most letterheads are done in black and white colouring.  

Designing the letterhead

Keep the design as simple as possible.

Represent the company’s branding in the logo and while designing the letterhead.

Choose the correct font, anything clear is good. An example of a good font is to use Arial, Verdana or Futura.

The header should be between 3-10cm with a logo in the corner (normally the left) and the address details in the right corner. 

Designs for letterheads

Create a header or footer using Word

Create a header or footer using Open Office / Libre Office

Create a header using Libre Office



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