How to set up documents for printing and binding:

Size of a binding / guttering edge when setting up documents for printing and binding:

The binding edge is also known as the gutter size or margin size when selecting the page format, a gutter is the spces on a form between 2 pages or the blank space between columns of type. 

Sides should be between 0.5 - 0.75inch from the edge to prevent writing to be part of the binding.  

Formatting your document for printing correctly using Word and Libre office

Setting gutter margins (also know as binding margins), is crucial before binding a printed or other documented. 

Set up for printing and binding in Word:

On the ribbon with page layout area, select “Margins”

Select “Custom margins”

In the “Multiple pages” select “Normal”. Gutter options are not available when the book field or mirror margins is chosen

Gutter width between 0. - .75inch

In Gutter postion select “top” of “left” 

Click “Ok” once complete

PS Mirroring is only used where the single page sheet style is used 

Set up margins for guttering in Libre Office

In the main ribbon menu, select “Format”


Then select “Page” from the drop down menu


Set the margins as required and click “OK”

Always do a trial run with a single sheet of paper once the margins are set up, before printing and binding.

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