Folder Printing

What is a folder?

It is a sheet of thick paper that is folded in half and holds papers in pockets.

What is a folder used for?

It is a folder that is used to contain loose papers and papers relating to one another as well as protecting the paper from being damaged. It is a way to keep organised and have all your marketing papers together. There are many things you can put into these folders, entirely up to you and what you are using them for.

Things to include in a folder:

Business Cards – these are always a good idea, especially as a backup in case a potential client loses the one you gave them and is a great way to put all your important contact details.

Brochures and booklets – this can contain information about your company, products and services. They don’t have to be based on the product you are trying to sell, just make sure it serves a purpose and you are not cluttering it with irrelevant information.

Notepad and  pen – this could be a nice touch, especially if you give them out before the meeting, then the client can use them to make notes. It would be clever to have your company logo on them.

Charts and posters – you can include copies in the folder so that the client has reference in the future and can use them if you are giving a presentation.

Where can I make a folder?

Microsoft Publisher

Quark XPress

Adobe PageMaker

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe PhotoShop

MacroMedia FreeHand


Pocket Folder Cover Design

Always remember that your cover needs to be eye-catching. It should demand attention and make people want to check out your contents inside (such as brochures, flyers and business cards).

Things to include on the folder cover:

Logo – this is common sense, but you can do it in a creative way, ie watermark and an embossed logo   

Text – this can be of your tagline, company name, or text that suggests benefits of your business.

Foil Stamps – this can be used to outline your typography, shapes etc.

Unique Image or Illustration – this should illustrate what your company does and can be done in a creative way such as some of your products being in action

Die Cuts – your folder can be cut into unique shapes as well as eye catching. A clever shape could show your contents inside.

Typography – can include large fonts, or a block of text that conforms to a brand shape being one idea.

Embossing - embossed logos and graphics can add a tactual component, making it more interesting.

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