Effective Colours for printing and their affect 

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Colours for printing

The colour wheel shows the relationship between the four primary colours, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow and the transition from one colour to the next.

Contrasting colours are: 

  • Blue and Yellow
  • Red and Green
  • Black and White, although not strictly colours, can be used as such for printing and design purposes. 
Contrasting colours mean they stand out more, but can aslo be more confusing to the eye is used against each other. For example, it would be better to use red on a white background than with green. 

Colours are used every day to influence our moods and subconscious buying. Effective colour choices for printing will improve your sales.

Here are some tips on how colours are perceived and how you could use them to your advantage when design a print. 

Red is seen as an energetic, emotional colour, busy and fast, colour of fire and love thus making people subconsciously want to move through faster. Red also increases the appetite. 

Often this is used for security companies, fast food outlets and places where there needs to be a lot of movement. 

Black:  shows luxury, elegance and give a dramatic feel to the area

Purple: rich, luxury, original nobility and nostalgia

Yellow: Positive, happy, warm cheerful

White: pure and clean, business – like, protection.

Green: natural, fresh, healthy, jealousy, dark green is associated with money

Pink: Feminine, romantic

Orange: optimistic, joyful, hot. Not aggressive but invigorating

Blue: Calm, water and sky, stability and peace, can show cold, masculinity. Appetite suppressant

Gold: prestige, wisdom and wealth

Aqua: healing and protection, healing, calm

Silver: Modern, minimilistic, preofessional

Multi Coloured: playful, energetic, young