Printed calendars

Calendars are printed according the correct calendar dates and public holidays and can be personalised

Types of calendars:

Monthly: with page per month

Monthly: with areas to add text, make notes

Yearly: The full year is presented on one sheet and can be seen at a glance

Yearly with small text box

Birthday calendars: these do not have dates per day, only dates and can thus be used every year to remember anniversaries, birthdays and important events

Why print a calendar when there are free templates online and on my phone?

Calendars are still very popular when printed and personalised, even though there are elctronic forms available.

Calendars can be customised with personalised pictures per month

eg create a birthday calendar using your family members or friends, with each one getting a month of the year

Printed calendars are used as branding tools, use your logo and contact details on a calendar which will be seen every day to promote your business.

Being able to write down events helps with planning and coordinating of your life's details.

Unique calendar ideas:

  • Baby photoshoots
  • Family protraits
  • Travel photos
  • Motivational / Inspirational messages
  • Pets
  • Recipes
  • Emergency and other useful numbers

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