Business card design for printing

Here are the considerations for business card design for printing:

Do you need to design for bleeding for business card printing? Typically, this is not required, most printing companies will not require it. What is bleeding?

Safe zone for business cards:

This is around 1.5 cm inside the content area around hte border where it is safe to add the information without it being cut off. 

  • Keep your text, contact details and logo inside the safe zone

What is needed to order a business card? Print designs need to be sent through in PDF or JPEG format. Images need to be sent through digitally, ie using a cell phone, computer or USB. 

Images and templates need to be sent through in high definition to ensure a good quality business card. 

Double-sided business cards: these are very effective when portraying all your products and you need extra space. On your template create a separate page / area to add the information for the back of the card

Folded business cards: Folded business cards can be very effective and eye-catching, useful as a guest card with plenty of space to give information. They use a vertical or horizontal design. To create a folded design, first create a template in the shape and size you desire to do a test run.

Which colours work best on a business card print? 

Background of the cards don’t have to be white. A black business card will cost more as it uses more ink, but can be really effective and stand out from the pack.

What mood do you need the business card to portray? 

  • More pink - brings a feminine component to the mix
  • Blues are popular, a cool colour and professional
  • Red shows action, and instantly catches your attention
  • Yellow tends to get lost in the mix, but can be a warm and inviting colour. Yellow is very effective on a black background
  • To find out more on the effect colours have follow this link

What to be aware of when creating a design/template:

  • Do a spell check

  • With double – sided cards, send both templates through

Size of business cards:

Business cards are generally sized 3.5"width  x 2" height. / 8cm height x 5cm width
If you are designing a vertical business card where vertical is longer than the width, the switch the length and height specs for the template. 

The business card background design:

White black, textured and coloured – cards can be printed in any colour, the trick is to make sure your print is clearly visible on the background. Use contrasting colours.

Business card variations:

Rounded business cards - Create a larger safe zone. Check with the individual printing shops which die cuts are available

Looking more professional, the rounded business card can be done without added expense

Colour - add more colour to your card.

Embossed - Add a bit of bling! although this price will be higher, as will the professional look as it helps you stand out from the norm


Checklist when designing a business card

 Preview done at real size level

 Spell check done!

 Get a second and third opinion (especially when it comes to spelling)

 Legible and readable writing

 Clear contact details clear

 Add the logo!

 Tel no




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