How to design stickers for printing

Custom made stickers to print for events and corporate branding

Create an effective branding for your company using printed stickers, or a unique sticker logo to put onto products, 

By taking a simple item you can transform it into a corporate gift leaving a long lasting impression on your client and potential client.

Printing customised stickers is similar to leaving a business card, and who doesn’t enjoy a customised gift!

Stickers as an access card are place on car windows, or identity cards and a cost effective and efficient way to grant access to certain customers



Ideas for corporate or other sticker printing:

Wine bottle – order a case of wine and replace the sticker with a business / company sticker.

Large items eg Surf board, photo album, artc and crafts books, school books

Stickers required for access to secure access

Create stickers for car window shields where the sutomer will see your details every time they are behind the wheel 

Holiday season magic – create Santa Claus stickers, Easter displays on shop windows or school plays and concerts.

An ideal birthday gift, wall art stickers can create a magical moment that is also impressive with customised pictures for the wall art stickers. Easy to apply and peel off.

Stickers for children and scholars as a training medium

Label items with the name needed

Printed stickers for labelling school items - lunch boxes, clothes

Water bottles for clients.

Thankyou gifts for persons attending an event 

Information needed on stickers for corporate branding:

  • Your corporate logo / the event name 
  • What you do - ie your branding slogan
  • Contact details / a website
  • What is your message – make it stick! 

Don’t add:

  • Date related information - if it expires, the sticker will be disregarded with old information, unless it is a memory and you want to remember the date.  


Specifications for designing your stickers:

  • Provide the printing company with the correct formatted image for the sticker. 

  • To create a design for printing stickers, you might need software: using Paint Shop Pro / Jasc, or GIMP, if you prefer to use a photo then this can be formatted in Word or Libre office. Pixel amounts need to be according to the size of the sticker. Templates can be sent through to the print shop for a quote as each printed sticker will be an individual price.

  • Other useful programs, which require a licence fee are Adobe illustrator, Corel draw

  • Free software requiring templates - Laser ink jet label templates which is compatible with Label Templates

  • Resolution: DPI (dots per inch) should be 300 dpi at 100% of the final print size. 

  • Higher image quality means longer upload time.

  • Accepted file types for printing of stickers / custom printed lables - Pdf, *.ai (adobe illustrator) jpeg and png

  • Bleed for stickers: document print bleed is the outer edge of the image. For information on document print bleed 

  • Adding image / document print bleed means that there wont be a white outer edge. Make sure the logo and information is not part of the bleed area.

  • Crop / trim marks: Generally not needed in the rpinting stickers process, these are lines showing at the corner of the image, identifying where to trim the paper. They are normally created for creating bleeds and by commerical printers. The printer will print on a larger paper and then trim it down to size. Also used for printing banners. Printing crop marks is selected in the printer setup, Advanced Output Settings tab ,Select "Marks and Bleeds". Confirm with the printer whether they will need the trim / crop marks or registration marks to show. 


Print unique stickers for badges and certificates

Gifting stickers and stickers for arts and crafts

A decorative bottle for a special occasion

Printed stickers for book labels 

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