Designing signage for printing

Get organised with effective signage, advertise your business and put your name out there, direct people where to go. Signage is an excellent marketing tool, and is cutomised to the customers's taste. 

You can design your own sign or have it designed for you by the Signage printing shops, and most signage shops accept online orders. 

Always check spelling and sign design with others to enusre no errors creep through and that the sign gives the information it should. 

Examples of signage:

  • Magnetic signs used on cars for advertising
  • Vehicle signage
  • Metallic signs
  • Chromodek signs

Chromodek signs:

Chromadek sheets are made from a weather resistant metal covered an epoxy coated galvanised steel. The chromodek sign can be coated with vinyl are printed and can be laminated Chromodek signs are one of the most economical types of signs and weather resistant.

How to create an effective chromodek sign

  • Ensure your name and contact details are large and clear

  • Do you want to add your key products to the sign

  • Chromodek signs are long term – put facts there that are the most likely to change

  • Add your logo

  • Use colours that compliment each other


One way vision glass with unorinted see through areas allowing light to pass through. Graphics are hidden from the other side of glass, with the black layer absorbing the light.

Orajet/Hexis Vinyl 

Orajet and Hexis vinyl uses digital printing for the sign, self adhesive films, floor markings, special events signage, lettering self adhesive films 

Redecorate your office or room and give a unique identity to the room. Hexis comes from France and the Hexis conformable films can help you to protect vehicles. Hexis  self adhesive cast PVC, latex and polyurethane films can be used to decorate walls, glass windows and doors, vehicles, objects and textiles

Orajet originates in Germany and is used for printing selfadhesive vinyl which is permanent, clear solvent adhesive and inkjet printing with short to medium outdoor durability

Orajet vinyl printing is perfect for window graphics, roll and pop-up banners, banner finishings, pavement signs, finishing tools such as heat presses and edge sealers.

Printing with Orajet requires cotton gloves to prevent damage to the surface or soiling of the product. 

Newly printed films of Orajet should be spread out until dry to allowing the residual solvent to evaporate. Orafol recommends lamination of inkjet prints to enhance the colour affect and to ensure longer lifespan at optimum quality.

Sandblasting vinyl signage

Sandblasting vinyl is replacing on site sandblasting. Design of the sandblasting prints are endless and eye-catching. Sandblasting vinyl signage can be used for images, lettering and has an added bonus of allowing natural light through, but filtering 95% of the UV rays. Sandblasted vinyl signage also acts as a shatterproof film on the glass.

Sandblasting signage is done on:

  • Windows
  • Glass doors
  • Showers
  • Desk dividers
  • Mirrors
Sandblast vinyl comes in various shades being standard (light-grey), advanced (darker-grey) and decorative (colours and glitters). We only use the highest quality materials.

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