Poster Printing

Poster printing is done for any size, up to a width 1.2m x required height. Printing posters can be effective for advertising sales, special events for your company.

Other ideas to print posters for:

  • Birthday and anniversay announcements
  • Sales and special items to sell
  • Special events 
  • Store openings
  • Store closing

Artwork for a poster should be high definition, to prevent pixelation.

What is pixelation:

Pixels are the small dots that make up a picture. High definition means that there are a lot of pixels per cm/mm. By reducing the amounts of pixels, the picture is not as clear and the gets spread out. Thus the more the amount of pixels per mm, the better and more clear the printing will be.

Colours and artwork sent through for poster printing needs to be of a good quality, poor quality prints poor quality

Posters are generally printed as:

  • A0
  • A1
  • A2
  • A3
  • A4

We can also have a width of 1.2m by any height.

Posters are printed digitally, meaning that the design should be sent through in jpeg and pdf in high definition. 

Laminating posters gives them a longer life span, and can be done up to a size A0. 

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