What are the dimensions for printing on a cup or Mug?

Printing shops do printing of images on a variety of mugs. Depending on the mug size, the following print dimentions for what you want printed on a cup or mug: 8.5″ x 3″ print area for a mug with height: 3.75"


How to design your mug for printing:

  • First you need a good quality print, in either digital or hard copy format. 

  • Use ceramic mugs

  • Make sure mugs have smooth finishes as lumps and bumps distort the printed image.

  • Plan for bleeding or for an image fading in to the mug, or add a frame where the background has a big contrast to the mug colour

  • Consider whether the mug is for left or right handed people, printed images points away from the person.

  • Images with a lot of detail will be more difficult to see on a mug thus you need to choose a clear focal point for your printed mug image

  • Pictures are more likely to be in digital format, save it as such and scan in hard copies.

  • Place the image on the mug in the correct position and then make adjustments for your image. 

  • Use clear and bright images, choose your image for printing on the mug for maximum effect. 

Printing specs for printing and image on your mug:

  • In a printable area of 9.5 cm x 7.5 cm the aspect ratio of the image is 6:5

  • Digital photos are generally printed as 4:3, so this can be adjusted on the image resizing program.

  • Unusual shapes on the mugs from the creamics department warps the image

  • Choose a high definition ie resolution image to prevent pixelation. This means a minimum of 378 x 315 pixels

  • Print out the image in the size needed first to check against your size mug.

  • Choose an image in the correct ratio of width to length of the mug, eg a panoramic image image will lose the detail and definition with wasted space at the top and bottom. 

What colour mug can I print on?

Any colour mug can be printed on, check with the printing company to confirm what they have the colour available that you are looking for. 

Using mugs for branding and marketing:

* Mugs are used daily and in your client's view constantly. Printing a mug as a corporate gift is a cost effective marketing tool for your company, or as a souvenir from a special event.

* Add a logo or business name onto a mug, and a branding statement eg you dont want people to know your company is Signature, without knowing it is Signature Financial Solutions.  

Caring for a mug with a printed picture / image

 Hand- washing mugs is the best option for the best care and preservation of your printed picture
 As a rule of thumb, avoid the dishwashers with printed mugs as the heat and spray can remove the image, or reduce the colouring on the image.
 Avoid the microwave for heating to keep the colouring of the mug.

Examples of Mug prints

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