Design professional catalogue sheets for printing 


Although online catalogues are becoming increasingly popular, it still is a very effective marketing method to have a physical catalogue for clients and potential clients to browse through. Catalogues might not stick around for long, so create a design which immediately attracts your clients.

Catalogue sheets are generally bound using the perfect binding techniques and staples for multiple pages. 

Product catalogue design

Product catalogues are designed for specific items to be sold, and ranges from a variety of products.

  • Jewellery catalogues
  • Clothing catalogues
  • Bed sheets and comforter catalogues
  • Tupperware catalogues

Design a catalogue to attract your customer:

  • Use appealing images, which are easy to identify, colourful and of a good size. 
  • Size of images on lists, for an A4 catalogue should be around 250 px x 205 px high definition or bigger
  • Use a high definition image to show the product off better
  • Images need to be saved in jpeg or png format
  • Do a trial run of the final product to check sizing

Printing catalogue sheets

  • Steps to creating your professional catalogue shhets ready for printing
  • Have the information that you would like to add to the catalogue
  • Add the images of the most appealing and best selling products first
  • Add the product features and descriptions
  • Decide on the colouring
  • Decide on the thickness of the paper, gloos or matt?
  • Gloss works better for catalogues, but can be more expensive
  • Divide the products onto the pages, if there is a long list, make it an alphabetical list 

Binding a product catalogue:

  • Perfect binding technique where glue is used to make the pages stick together
  • Staples for around 10 pages
  • Folded papers 

Sizing of the product catalogue depends on the items:

Beauty catalogue sheets are often A5 to carry in a handbag

Extensive catalogues for eg Clothes printing, corporate gifts is often A4 to include more items in


Pagination: How are catalogue pages counted?

Count sequentially, INCLUDING the front and back page. 

Add enough space / margins on the side of the pages to include trimming edges. Be sure to check the trimming edges with the printer before the final print is done.

Safe zone -  Include a safe zone of at least 1 cm inside the content area where designs and writing can be added for business cards. IN a catalogue the safe zone is slightly smaller but leave variance for cutting and binding of the catalogue.

Include page bleed - Especially important with business cards, brochures and flyers, there is printed information which goes over the final sizing of the page and will be cut off. 

Page bleed needs to be added into the calculations to ensure that the green border does not get cut off and become white in the margins.




Useful contacts for printing 

For an online design and printing shop in Fourways Johannesuburg: Fourways Minuteman Press

For an online design and printing shop in Pretoria: Copy Express Menlyn 


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